Andrea is originally from Texas, but moved to New York City in 2018 by way of Boston, NYC, Miami, and Salt Lake City. Andrea is a storyteller--be it as a filmmaker, writer, or actor. She has a Bachelor’s in Literature and a Masters’ in Broadcast Journalism. Her life is driven by an unassailable curiosity and a mantra of "why not?" Her wanderlust and work have taken her from New York to Miami and all over Europe and Latin America working as a freelance video journalist. She recently wrote, directed, and edited two short films “Past a Moment” and "Sisters."

As much as she enjoys being behind the camera, Andrea also thrives off of straddling the line of acting on stage and performing in films. She was the show creator and actor for the web series "You Again." Andrea has had the opportunity to work on the regional premiere of "Straight" with Utah Repertory Theatre and two world premieres; "Winter" at Salt Lake Acting Company and at Pygmalion Production with the National New Play Network's rolling premier of "Red Bike." Most recently, she had the opportunity to work with Maria Bello on a VR/Life Performance piece, Honor and Dignity, that debuted at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.



ANDREA considers herself more of a storyteller, than anything; be it behind the camera, through words on a page, or acting on stage or film. She got her undergraduate degree in Literature before moving on to get her Masters’ degree at Boston University in Broadcast Journalism. Andrea has freelanced as a video-journalist from New York to Miami, and spent several trips in Latin America working on mini-documentaries. Andrea now lives in New York City and owns her own production company, DoYouSee Productions LLC. She has recently produced, written, directed, and edited two short films “Past a Moment” which was accepted into the Fear No Film Festival and “Sisters,” which is currently in post-production. During the summer of 2015, she directed/edited Robyn Cage’s music video “Theatre Noir” which earned her a nomination for Best Editing at the 2015 Utah Music Awards. Most recently, Andrea is the show creator, writer, actor, and editor for the web series "You Again."